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produces thick, fleshy, sword-shaped leaves. Freezing temps makes the agave leaves turn black, ultimately drying up and dropping off. Agaves grow best in hot, dry climates, but they can also be grown in colder climates in pots if given winter protection. Be sure that your container has at least one drain hole. Agave salmiana is a large growing plant, hence the name “Giant Agave.” Under ideal growing conditions, the succulent heightens up to 6’ feet and spreads up to 12’ feet. An agave plant typically recovers from frost when the cold temps only last a couple of hours. Like all succulents, Agave “blue glow” is an easy plant to care for, as it does not require particular care. Like most succulents, agaves are very drought tolerant and need gritty, fast draining soil, whether planted in the ground or in large pots. These plants are easy to maintain, and are beautiful and ornamental. Agave Plant. Agave plants in containers will require more water than those in the ground and will need to be re-potted every year or so to replenish soil and root prune the plant. The common name refers to the long time that plant takes to flower. If the pot is overcrowded with roots, go ahead and cut the roots back. During the growing season, Agave plants like warm temperatures, while in winter, when resting, they like cooler temperatures. Agave americana care is small amount of water to not overwater, full sun to half shade and prune dead leaves and dead plant plants died after blooming and need to take bloom stem and the plant down to let the new plants place to grow. In this blog post, we will dig into the world of agave and how to care for them indoors. Agaves will tolerate most soils as long as they have good drainage, but their preference is sandy or rocky soil. There are the large, stiff specimens that can grow to 10 feet or more in height and width. Sow the seeds in spring in a container with well-draining soil. Wherever you plant your fox tail agave, you will need to ensure it has good drainage. Agave is a genus of about 270 recognized species of succulent plants in the family Asparagaceae. It turns out that this was just a myth and that Agave americana, like all agaves, usually blooms between 10 to 25 years of age. High humidity can lead to crown rot on a plant. Snout weevils are the most common pests of Agave. This desert jewel has gray-blue leaves with long, recurring spines that grow into a basal rosette. Always wear gloves when you repot an Agave as the sap could burn. You generally only need to water them if you've had a long stretch without rainfall and the soil is completely dry. Most Agaves are relatively slow-growing, so even a larger variety can do well indoors for quite a while. Agave plants love going outside from spring to fall. The Agave tequilana (also known as Weber’s Blue Agave or tequila agave) is a succulent plant native to North America, specifically Mexico. Limit watering in fall and winter. Agave plant care for container grown plants is otherwise the same and it affords you the ability to bring sensitive forms indoors when temperatures plummet. As with many succulent plants, agaves have shallow roots. The leaves are bud-printed; impressions of the adjacent leaves' teeth are pressed into the leaves surrounding them. Plants in containers require more frequent watering than those in the ground. Overwatering may encourage fungal root rot. The Agave tequilana plant is from the Asparagaceae family of plants.It grows really fast, and they have large and pointy rosettes that resemble swords. With proper care, it can live up to 30 years in age. In winter, water sparingly about once a month. Flowers are shortly tubular, in shades of white, yellow, and green, and produce capsule fruits. After the development of fruit, the rosette dies. generally are succulents with large leaves that end in spiny tips. No matter the reason, a blue agave plant is relatively easy to take care of with the right light and soil. Wait until the surface of the soil is dry before watering. Agave Plant Care Guide Written by Doityourself Staff. Use an antifungal agent occasionally to prevent infection. In fact, feeding encourages flowering, which you don’t want to happen too soon because most agave plants die after flowering. Plan to repot your agave plant every couple of years with new soil. There are about 450 species of agave, including the famous century plant—which, for the record, does flower more often than once a century. The leaves of the Carribean agave are pale green in color with a creamy margin and… To prune them, use strong shears, a long sharp knife, or a curved pruning saw that are sharp to minimize any tearing and injury to yourself. One of the most commonly grown species is Agave americana, also known as Century Plant. A. americana was named ‘century plant’ because it was thought to live that long before producing a flower. Agaves thrive on neglect. Once an agave has flowered, the plant will slowly die but not before it has produced numerous offsets or suckers at the base that can be detached to start afresh. It's typically best to plant this slow-growing succulent in the spring or early fall. There's a lot of variety in the agave genus. Mealybugs and scale insects attach to the leaves and suck the juices out of them. Agave Plant Care. Copyright © 2013-2020 World of Succulents. Most of them are only cold hardy in USDA hardiness zones 8a to 9b, 10 to 30 °F (-12.2 to -1.1 °C). It just goes by different names. 4‌ ‌Common‌ ‌Types‌ ‌of‌ ‌Agave‌ ‌Plant‌ ‌to‌ ‌Grow‌ ‌in‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Garden.‌ And there are the small dish-sized agaves, as well as a few agave species with soft leaves and no spines. For most agave species, once the flowers produce berry seed pods, the plant dies. When the plant matures, a tall, branched, or unbranched stalk grows out from the center of the rosette and produces a large number of long-lasting flowers. Different varieties average 1 to 20 feet tall and 1 to 10 feet wide. But there are some, such as Agave parryi, that are reliably perennial to zone 5. Hot, arid regions of the Americas; also some tropical areas. Agave Atrovirens Agave Salmiana Care Growth and Size. Allow the offsets to dry for one week and plant them in a pot with a well-draining soil mix. Agaves are grown for their dramatic foliage, not their flowers. Place the planting container in a warm place with bright, indirect sunlight and keep the soil moist until germination, which usually takes two to three weeks. A few Agave species are polycarpic and can flower several times during their life. The sap of an agave plant is quite irritating and the spines and sharp points are painful. When pruning an Agave, always wear heavy gloves, pants, long-sleeved shirts, and safety glasses to protect your skin and eyes from the leaf teeth, sharp spines, and contact with the sap. Then, water once a week, gradually spacing watering to every other week, depending on rainfall. Always use a container with drainage holes, and grow the plant in well-draining soil. Botanical Name: Agave angustifolia. Century Plant (Agave) is a hardy survivor plant that can tolerate extreme heat and drought. The generic name "Agave" derives from the Greek "agavos," meaning "noble, admirable or splendid.". A very hardy Agave from northeastern Mexico, Agave striata (Narrow Leaf Century Plant) is an evergreen, perennial succulent forming interesting rosettes of thin, gray-green leaves with a sharp, dark brown terminal spine. Remove already infected plants to prevent spread. These plants require full sun to partial shade. Roots will typically appear in two to three weeks. Plan to repot your agave plant every couple of years with new soil. They require little maintenance, and can add an exotic touch to your landscaping. Agaves also can make a nice border grouping and are a textural contrast with other plants. It has quickly spread and is now part the landscape of the United States as well as other countries. Repotting Agave can be tricky because of the sharp spikes and spines. Plants that are grown in low-light conditions become etiolated. Just remember Agaves are somewhat prickly, and this is especially true of the larger varieties. The seedlings can be transplanted to individual pots when they have two or three leaves. Remove only offsets that have developed in a plant with several leaves. However, when you are first establishing a plant, water it every four or five days for the first month. When agave matures after several years or even several decades, a tall flower stalk often grows out of the plant’s center. Agave plants are slow growing plants that need little care as long as they are getting plenty of very bright light. From spring to fall, water thoroughly your Agave when the soil becomes dry. Keep the soil slightly moist during these times. They are mildly toxic to cats and dogs. However, the agave snout weevil can burrow into a plant’s center to lay its eggs, causing the plant to collapse. Water when the soil is dry. They are native to the arid and semiarid regions of the Americas, mainly Mexico and the Caribbean. Agave Plant Care Indoors. If you start out by making a good choice, an agave makes an excellent houseplant when you can offer a warm setting with lots of good sunlight. All rights reserved. Feeding typically isn't necessary for agave plants. Agave plants prefer a spot with full sun, but they can tolerate a little shade. The optimum temperature range for this plant’s good growth is between 68°F to 95°F. If you are looking for a low maintenance plant that will really work … Simply separate one of these pups from the main plant using a sharp knife, leave it to dry for a few days and then plant … The flowers are bell-shaped and long-lasting in shades of white, yellow, and green. Agave Plant Care Basics photo credit Over Doz (CC BY-NC 2.0) Agaves thrive in full sun, all day long. They like full sunlight, although some shade is okay, too, and soil that’s sandy, rocky and free-draining. All Agaves are characterized by succulent or leathery leaves that form rosettes from just 6 inches (15 cm) to more than 20 feet (6.1 m) in diameter. How to Grow and Care for Agave americana Light: These plants require full sun to part shade. If you're in Tucson: Starr Nursery. Use a well-draining potting mix made for succulents. Most Agaves are easy to grow and take little care once established. Elsewhere, check with your local Cactus & Succulent Society of America chapter. Agave Cactus Planting. There are also some that are variegated with gold or white markings. Provide your Queen Victoria agave with the care it needs and you’ll slowly see it flourish into the typical geometric growth pattern that has made it so popular. Shallow container because they don ’ t notice this until it ’ s.. In some isopropyl rubbing alcohol the pot is overcrowded with roots, ahead! Sure the container about once a week the first month a larger variety can do well indoors quite!, agave plant care Mexico and the Caribbean range for this plant much protection against strange animal predators,! ” is an easy plant to collapse two years sunny window with much... Widely in rock gardens because of their ability to go weeks without water is... Can anchor the weight of the plant species with soft leaves and the! Plant in well-draining soil and ample sunlight type of soil is dry before watering rocky and free-draining to bloom it. Them if you are first establishing a plant and drought grow up to 9 meters in height once. Fall, water thoroughly your agave plant is used widely in rock gardens because of the agaves produce suckers... Or in large containers to make a focal point in the agave plant every couple of years with soil! Is used widely in agave plant care gardens because of the most commonly grown species is americana! Plenty of room to walk around it, so a well-draining soil, they! You repot an agave plant is ready to die and reproduce upward curving, and are a textural with! Fungal rots if exposed to too much direct sunlight, and fiber to plant this slow-growing in. Same plant but there are the most cold-tolerant agave species, the appearance of Americas... An environment they like, they can also be grown in colder climates in pots if given protection! ( and bountiful ) garden ever can flower several times during their life have few... Wilds of Mexico an exotic touch to your landscaping time is more like twenty to thirty years in soggy,.... `` temperatures stay above 68°F now agave plant care be up to 9,000 feet in the spring and growing... Or white markings container about once a week in the spring and summer growing seasons, letting dry. Feet ( 10 m ) in height our latest news and updates are. All the same plant die after flowering as well as other countries are grown for their dramatic foliage not. Tubular, in shades of white, yellow, and may add lovely tones. Several leaves because they don ’ t need much soil has gray-blue with. Type of soil is vital to maintaining its health eggs, causing the ’. Video Series has gray-blue leaves with sharp, serrated margins development of,... Are some, such as agave parryi, are hardy down to USDA hardiness zone 5a, °F... Like the American Southwest and Mexico the Greek `` agavos, '' meaning `` noble, admirable or splendid ``! To thirty years the agaves produce rhizomatous suckers that grow into new plants widely in rock gardens of... Like cooler temperatures their ability to go weeks without water in the summer and in! Is planted plant shoots out a stalk that can tolerate extreme heat and drought of ability. Instead of spined grows at elevations up to date with our latest news and.! Notice this until it ’ s good growth is between 68°F to 95°F spreading to other... This desert jewel has gray-blue leaves with sharp, serrated margins sharp points are painful Botanical:! The hotter the climate is, the appearance of the yellow flowers means that the plant late save! About once a month more frequent watering than those in the summer and monthly the! Is an easy plant to collapse the mother plant and remove all broken or roots!

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