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Vice versa for a tree from your property … You may not go onto the neighbor's property or destroy the tree. Get several estimates and check out the company you’re considering hiring. When a Neighbor's Tree Falls on Your Property, Who Pays For the Removal? Patel, Patel (the neighbor) hired a contractor to remove the roots from the large Monterey pine his neighbor (Booska) owned. Sometimes, a tree falls in a forest and someone does hear it. If, as a result of your own negligence while performing construction on your property you knock over your own tree, you will likely be held liable for the damage to your neighbor's property. Top 10 Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed; Conflicts Involving Trees and Neighbors; Get Legal Help with Your New Jersey Property Dispute. If your neighbor’s tree falls during a storm and damages your house, you should still be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. If your tree or a portion of your tree falls on your neighbor’s property and the tree has obvious signs of disease or rot, or if your neighbor had filed a complaint with the town or with you about the hazard, you may be liable for any damage caused. Second, your neighbor could be held liable for damages, according to FindLaw.Third, if your neighbor doesn’t do anything about it, the tree could be considered a nuisance, and you could file a nuisance claim, FindLaw says. You can't march into your neighbor's yard and cut down a tree that isn't yours. Even if a construction contractor you hired is the one who caused your tree to fall, you may still be held liable, as long as your neighbor can prove that your negligent direction led to the tree's demise. Subject to any planning restrictions, such as tree preservation orders, you can do what you like to the trees on your property. A neighbor’s tree branch that hangs over your property may fall in a storm, resulting in damage to your home, car or other possessions. The insurance company is usually responsible for taking care of the damages. You need to shop around. No damage was done to my house or property. This is true if the tree fell … Sign up for's weekly e-newsletter. The tree fell towards the neighbor, took out a fence near the property line and landed on your neighbors’ roof, damaging it. It is difficult to predict where a tree will fall, but landing on a neighbor's house is well within the realm of possibility. You’d have to pay the deductible, but you should otherwise be covered. If you haven't had a review of your current policy in the past couple of years, Mott recommends a meeting with your agent. Please support local journalism. My deductible would be more than it would cost to cut the tree up and fix the fence. “If the neighbor’s tree falls on your house, it’s your problem,” says Gary Blackwell, an independent insurance agent based in Corinth, Maine. However, many … I've tried to be a good neighbor, but they have not been due to many other reasons. My neighbors tree fell down in my yard during a wind storm. Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Damage? This situation actually happens quite often. When a tree falls over onto a neighbor's property, a homeowner is often left to wonder if he or she is liable. When I called the property manager, who is overseeing the rental property, she told me in Oklahoma the policy is for the homeowner with the damaged property to turn it over to their insurance carrier. If your neighbor's tree damaged your home, your insurance provider may try and collect on your neighbor's insurance and reimburse you later. There are two ways the situation could go after that. While you may adore that special tree that sits near the property line between you and your neighbor, your neighbor may feel differently. (The Tree Care Industry Association lists accredited tree … Karin Price Mueller may be reached at Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. You can also see if there are complaints against the company with the Division of Consumer Affairs at (973) 504-6370. “After a hurricane or windstorm, trees, shrubs and branches can become projectiles capable of traveling significant distances and of causing considerable damage to property,” the institute said. Patel, Patel (the neighbor) hired a contractor to remove the roots from the large Monterey pine his neighbor (Booska) owned. During a recent storm, a branch from my neighbor's tree fell onto my roof. However, if you can prove your neighbor was negligent in caring for the dead or dying tree, it could easily become their insurance company’s problem. Our neighbor’s trees may often become troublesome, either because their branches block sunlight, yield unwanted pollen, acorns or leaves, or because they create a risk of injury or property damage. An exception to this, attorney Steve Goldman with The Goldman Firm said, is … When Neighbor’s Tree Looks Like it Could Fall Into Your Yard. Most people assume that they are liable since it is their tree. There are plenty of legitimate tree removal companies, but there are also some less-than-respectable outfits that will be roaming New Jersey neighborhoods, looking for some business. It's up to you to get rid of it. Trees can fall for any number of different reasons: construction, heavy storms, and even just the natural end of a tree's life. If the reverse happens and your neighbor's tree strikes your home, then you file a claim with your own insurance company. Your neighbors will have to file a claim with their own property insurer if they want to be reimbursed for their loss. You can also trim parts of your neighbor's tree that may hang over your property line. A lot of people call us and say, hey, this tree fell from my neighbors house into our yard, and I want you to give us an estimate and we’ll give it to them. If the tree is on the property line, both property owners share the value of the tree and are responsible for upkeep on their side of the boundary line. If leaves, acorns, twigs or other debris from a neighbor’s tree falls onto your property, you are responsible for cleaning this debris up. In fact, your insurance provider may handle any negligent … Extreme Weather A hurricane or other high wind event can take 100-year-old trees and rip them out of the ground. Ornamental or landmark trees can have a … Subscribe today », Karin Price Mueller | NJ Advance Media for Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. This is based on hundreds of years of common law. The Town came and cut down half the tree to clear out the road. “In most cases, an insurance company is not going to spend time trying to figure out where a tree or branches originally came from.”. “It is important to make sure that the company is qualified to do tree work and fully insured in case an accident happens,” the board’s website said. Ask them to get the tree inspected by a Certified Arborist and to follow through with whatever recommendations are made. Disagreements with neighbors can be difficult. The Board says those with licenses demonstrate they meet the experience and educational qualifications for the license, including continuing education requirements. If you live in New Jersey and are encountering a problem related to property lines, boundary fences, or tree branches, consider exploring your legal options. Will insurance pay to replace damaged landscaping? Your property is your responsibility, so it’s best to inspect your trees every year for signs of disease or damage. Before getting upset, remember that it is very likely that your insurance will cover any damages and the cost of removal as well. If the tree damaged a structure on your property, your policy will probably cover at least part of the cost to remove the tree. Learn more about this in the section on subrogation below. But if the tree fell without damaging anything, your insurance probably won’t cover the removal costs, but check your policy. Mott said your policy premium may have increased because you lost a discount that you'd been receiving for being claim-free.

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